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Fresh Eyre Photography offers a wide range of photography services across Eyre Peninsula and beyond.

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Fresh Eyre Photography came into being in 2001 when friends Kerri Cliff and Katrina King combined their skills and took their photography to a professional level. Kerri and Katrina are Kimba correspondents for the Eyre Peninsula Tribune, contributing both news and photographs of local events on a weekly basis.

Katrina's artistic eye for setting up shots complements Kerri's technical skills and the two enjoy working together, particularly for portraits and weddings.


Kerri is married to Kimba farmer Trevor and has two children, Randall & Jaime. A keen amateur photographer since school days, Kerri has been competitive with her private photography for 30 years. Rural Youth photography competitions started the passion, then Kimba Photographic Society developed her skills and knowledge with workshops and competitions.

Kerri is keen on all forms of photography and is always willing to take up a challenge with something new. People and nature are favorite subjects, but Kerri is always looking to perfect skills in other subject areas.

Kerri has 18 years experience with rural newspapers and media and is passionate about promoting Kimba and Eyre Peninsula.


Katrina and her farming partner Daryl also live and work in Kimba. Katrina studied photography at school and TAFE before moving to Kimba and having a family. Katrina has three children, Dale, Sarina and Darius.

A highlight for 2010 was Katrina and Daryl's wedding. Although the original choice of venue at the Kimba Golf Course was challenged by extreme weather conditions, the event went ahead in The Shed at Kimba's Community Hotel. See some of the wedding photos on the Weddings Page.