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Fresh Eyre Photography offers a wide range of photography services across Eyre Peninsula and beyond.

  • Events
  • People
  • Website
  • Commercial
  • Real Estate
  • Photo/Slide Scanning
  • Photo Restoration, Digitising & Printing
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Video & Drone Photography & Production


Fresh Eyre Photography came into being in 2001 when friends Kerri and Katrina combined their skills and took their photography to a professional level. Kerri and Katrina were Kimba correspondents for the Eyre Peninsula Tribune, contributing both news and photographs of local events on a weekly basis for over 20 years. Although no longer official correspondents, Fresh Eyre Photography still offers photographic coverage of local events and maintain a strong media connection.

As of 2019, Kerri is the sole proprietor of the business  and continues to offer a wide range of photographic services.

Kerri is married to Kimba farmer Trevor and has two adult children, Randall & Jaime. A keen amateur photographer since school days, Kerri has been competitive with her private photography for 30 years. Rural Youth photography competitions started the passion, then Kimba Photographic Society developed her skills and knowledge with workshops and competitions.

Kerri is skilled in many forms of photography and is always willing to take up a challenge with something new. People and nature are favourite subjects, but Kerri is also experienced in commercial, website and real estate photography.

Kerri has over 20 years experience with rural newspapers and media and is passionate about promoting Kimba and Eyre Peninsula.


Working with Kerri under the newly formed Eyre Business banner, is her son Randall who specialises in drone photography and technical services.

Randall is setting his own path being an experienced drone pilot with an artistic eye. Randall's entry in the 2017 Kimba Art Prize was awarded the "Hanger's Prize" with another piece commended by the judge. This was repeated in 2019 with Randall winning the local artist prize in the Kimba Art Prize and another high commendation by the judge. 

Randall Cliff Photography's drone photography and video production services, complement the still photography services offered by Fresh Eyre Photography. 

3 years at Westminster School and working in the Tech Team developed Randall's skills in sound and lighting for assemblies, dance and music performances in the second largest theatre in the state. Since returning home to the family farm, Randall has used his skills to support 2 Kimba Area School productions and supports other events around the community as well as being a CFS volunteer.